Today marks the first day of the first year of my eighth decade. A few years ago I thought 71 was getting old, but today I don’t think or feel it’s as old as I once thought it was.

Each birthday the last few years has prompted a wide range of thoughts as I have reflected on my past. Not everyone who thinks back over their years can say they were blessed, but I certainly can. It isn’t that I have not had any problems and troubles, I have; but even in the difficult and challenging times I was blessed.

Emails and Facebook posts today wishing me Happy Birthday have been uplifting and encouraging. I am grateful for so many friends who took the time and made the effort to acknowledge the beginning of another year for me.

I heard today from friends from high school, friends from college, friends from my first church job as a youth minister, friends from the first church I served as minister, friends from a church I planted in California and stayed for 30 years, and friends from my current church where I am Pastor of Senior Adult Ministry.

As I noted the birthday wishes from so many, I could not help but remember and reminisce over so many great times I experienced and enjoyed with friends through the years. One definition of reminisce is “to talk or write about past experiences that you remember with pleasure.”

Today I have been reminded of many people and happenings I remember with pleasure. As much as some may want to, however, there is no going back. We do have our memories, and with God’s blessings we will continue to make more in the future.

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8 thoughts on “A YEAR OLDER

  1. Happy Birthday Bob, I remember taking your class about Discovery Christian Church, Harold “Hal” and I enjoyed it very much. When you handed out the Certificates at the front of church you just had to say something about my keeping my maiden name. I imagine I turned red at that mention. LOL. We so liked you as our Pastor for 3 years before you and Jan moved to Texas.


  2. Bob, Happy Birthday! I hope that you continue to be blessed in this life as much as you have blessed others. Continued good health and happiness to you and Jan.


  3. Happy Birthday Bob! You say looking back you have been blessed and I say looking back we have been blessed to have had you in a part of our lives giving us great memories that wr will always cherish. You have touched the hearts of many! My stepdad turned 90 years old today. And he is still doing quite well and takes care of my 85-year-old mother who is 95% of the time bedridden. He even drives still. I told him today that he has been very blessed for 90 years and I pray that God continue to bless him and keep him well. Well I just wanted to wish you happy birthday again and thank you for being a part of my life during the time that I need guidance. Thank you for teaching me about Christianity and teaching me about the Bible and bringing God into my life. I will always cherish my memories with you and of course Jan! Happy birthday again… Love you! ❤️🎉🎂🎊🙏


  4. Hope you have the greatest birthday ever. God Bless and thank and bless you for who God made you to be. Scott and Rachel


  5. Bob

    I may have shared this with you before but I heard an extensive multi year investigation and government report found that those people with the most birthdays live longer.

    May you have many more in the years to come.


  6. Oh, boy! I was just thinking that your birthday was this month. Happy amazing late birthday.
    I “gave up” social media during the Lent season, so not ‘in the loop’. I was just having this same conversation with Cathi Whelpley. She turned 70 today, and my milestone is in November! I look around our congregation and see more faces I don’t know than faces I know. So many have moved away. Not sure what God is doing with our church, but I think He is perhaps starting over, as we are on the search for youth minister and worship minister again. But our new pastor, Garrison, is awesome! Good teaching and passion. I know God is doing something good. Miss you my dear friend.


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