At the end of June in 2015 I starting writing weekly blogs. I appreciated those who signed up to receive the weekly blogs and the response of many to the blogs encouraged me. Not everyone who responded was positive, but I was both challenged and encouraged by the remarks of some of my readers who did not agree with everything I wrote.

I wrote weekly blogs for seven years and stopped writing April 21, 2022. Now as we near the end of summer 2022 I’m thinking ahead and planning to start writing weekly blogs again in the next few weeks.

If you were receiving the blogs before April 21 I hope you will receive this update and continue to read my blogs. If you have not received my blogs in the past you will be able to request receiving them as I begin writing again.

I hope readers will feel comfortable making observations and asking questions as I begin writing and sending blogs again.

Usually when I post a blog it also has a picture. I haven’t been able to figure out how to add a picture, but I am working on it. Be patient with me.