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My second book explores 13 occasions in the ministry of Jesus in which He was questioned. Those who questioned Him, however, were not seeking information, but rather for the most part to discredit Him. Readers will enjoy becoming acquainted with the challenges Jesus faced as well as His responses and gain a greater appreciation for Him in light of the way He responded.

To read more about Questioning Jesus: Considering His Responses as well as some reviews, or to order it, go to                                                                                                                                   


Using letters I received and wrote during 44 years of ministry, in my first book I reveal what it’s like to be a pastor. I hope pastors, church leaders, church members, and even those who do not attend church will appreciate getting a taste of one of the most interesting “jobs” in the world.  (click on book for more info)

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Three endorsement reviews:

Whether you are a preacher, church leader or simply a member of the congregation, I think you’ll enjoy Bob Mink’s book, a compilation of letters he received and sent during his 44 years of ministry.  In it he chronicles his ministry experiences revealing some humorous stories, a few which highlight the unattractive side of church life and many uplifting stories.  Not only will you be entertained by these letters and enriched by Bob’s commentary, but I think you’ll benefit from the lessons Bob learned about leading a church, preaching the Gospel and shepherding his flock.

Bob Russell, Retired Senior Minister – Southeast Christian Church

You can learn a lot reading other people’s mail. I’ve known Bob Mink for decades, but only now, after listening in on his conversations and his editorial comments giving us the back stories and lessons learned, do I feel I really know him. Here is a pastor in love with his people, his Lord, his calling. It’s a big world God called him to: challenging, joy- filled, frequently frustrating, never boring and ultimately fulfilling. This is good reading for a young minister just getting started–or an old one winding down who will enjoy being reminded that this, this thing called ministry, this is the life.

LeRoy Lawson, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Christian Ministries – Emmanuel Christian Seminary

Are you a leader in the local church? Have you dealt with fans and friends—and critics?  Would you like to see how a seasoned pastor navigated several decades of ministry, and how those he served reacted to it? Then you’ll enjoy reading Bob Mink’s unique insight into ministry shared here in letters he received and kept throughout the years. In this most readable book. Bob presents a transparent chronicle of his growth as a minister and his heart for the people he served. Do you enjoy reading other people’s mail? Then dig into this pile of notes and letters. You’ll laugh and learn as you look over Bob Mink’s shoulder.

Mark Taylor, Editor – Christian Standard

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  2. Hi, Pastor Mink…This is Bettie Nell/Mike Nell’s wife and Gene Nell’s son. We are interested in your book Questioning Jesus, where can we order it from. If you could let me know I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks, Bettie


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