Jan and I went to a Beach Boys concert last Friday and we really enjoyed hearing again many of their songs from years ago. There were ten musicians on the stage, but only two of them were with the Beach Boys when they began in 1961.

I was only 10 when they launched their band but I have always appreciated them and their songs and music. Their concert this past Friday was the third time through the years Jan and I have seen them in concert and we appreciated all three of them.

Listening to them again in concert left me feeling nostalgic. The definition of feeling nostalgic is “thinking fondly of a past time or condition.” I’m 71 and often feel nostalgic when I am reminded about things in the past and remember them fondly.

Having lived in Southern California for 30 years I was especially taken by the two songs “California Dreaming” and “I Wish they all could be California Girls.” As a pastor for many years the song “God Only Knows” was also an important reminder.

It’s not just the music of the Beach Boys that make me feel nostalgic, but also a lot of music by other groups and individuals from years ago. Nor is music the only remembering that makes me feel nostalgic. Sometimes talking with longtime friends and/or family I also end up feeling nostalgic.

Another word to reinforce nostalgic is melancholy.  As an adjective melancholy is about being sad and pensive about a longed-for past time or condition. It’s not just music from the past that gets my attention, but also people, places, and vacations from the past.

I don’t think I’m the only one who sometimes thinks about music, vacations, places, and people from years ago. I don’t squelch those times when I am sad and pensive thinking about my past. Nor do I squelch my feelings when I think fondly about my past.

Being reminded of things in our past and remembering what they meant to us and still mean to us is something that happens to me quite often. Even though we cannot return to those times in our past that we cherish, we can remind ourselves and remember times in our lives that were enjoyable and exciting.

Most readers of these thoughts of mine have probably heard the classic song/hymn “Precious Memories.” Some artists who covered the song include George Jones, Johnny Case, Emmylou Harris, Jim Reeves, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, and others.

Hopefully all of us have precious memories that mean much to us. On the other hand, we also have memories that remind us of mistakes, loss, and pain. At the age of seventy-one I have both precious as well as painful memories.

I tag this blog a reflection and one of the definitions of reflection is serious thought or consideration. I hope what I have written prompts some of your own reflection.

Feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. I don’t think I could say it any better Bob! So many songs that bring back precious moments and so many songs that bring back some heartaches but it’s all about what we go through in life. Not only songs on the radio, but also hymnals that touch my heart! I guess the blessing is that we have lived through all these years and appreciate all the blessings and got through the hard times. God has always been there for us! ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Bobby it was great to see this blog. Today I saw on DCC’s streaming, next week is the 38th anniversary of DCC. Robert & I started attending 34 years ago, for 30 years. So many wonderful memories with our MVCC/DCC family. I am grateful for all the teaching we received from you! I’m still glad to call you my Pastor, teacher and especially my friend. You and Jan changed and improved so many lives! Love and miss you both✝️🥰🥰


    • Pastor Bob and Jan, it is always wonderful hearing you. You are a major part of my Christian walk. Having growing up Catholic and also Catholic scooling including a bording school, due to my bad girl issues. I always hated myself because I was a hurted my parents.
      When I came to Discovery Christian Church it changed my life forever thank you you and your church with so many amazing people. So I want to thank you for changing my walk with Jesus and to learn than I am ok. God bless you. My next birthday I will be 80 and the last part of my life is better because if you.


  3. Thank you for reminding us about looking back and being nostalgic…..we look back on Discovery Christian Church/Moreno Valley Christian with fond memories…your article helped me to go back there in my mind and thoughts with those cherished memories..take care!


  4. I definitely find myself remembering past events, people and “the way things were”. I have never been a fan of major changes in my life, although I have gotten better at accepting these over the years. I do miss terribly “the way things were” at Discovery and all the wonderful people who have moved on to other worship centers or moved to other states. I, am, however, confident that God is leading Discovery in a new direction, one He is blessing with the new leadership and new younger people he has brought. (of course, at almost 70 years old, everyone is younger!) I am blessed to read your teaching, which gives me comfort that I can still enjoy “the way things were” even though not in person.
    Love and miss you both


  5. Bob,
    I was both comforted and reminiscent as I read your post. Many of the old Christian and rock songs bring back memories of other times. I miss hearing your messages and talking to you. Pam misses you ribbing me about why she married me. I love your sense of humor. We miss both of you. Give your beautiful wife a hug from both of us. God bless you.


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