Most of us probably remember at least one thing we wanted to become when we were moving into young adulthood. Many of us became what we wanted to become and others realized there was something else we wanted to become.

Earlier today I read the manuscript of a sermon by Ken Shigematsu. This preacher’s sermon was five full typed pages and one of the best, most challenging, thoughtful, encouraging, and attention getting sermons I have read the last several months.

Shigematsu used Romans 8:28 for his text and not only delivered the goods on Romans 8:28, he also included a variety of observations that got my attention and provoked some honest thinking about my own life and what lies ahead.

Shigematsu shared with those who heard the sermon or read the manuscript that “through COVID-19, I have been reminded that I do not control my life.” He continued “COVID-19 has shown me that I am utterly and completely dependent on the living God. If I think I am in control of things that is merely a pleasant illusion.”

Shigematsu’s sermon conclusion takes an entire page and gives to both listeners as well as readers a refreshing and instructive wrap to his sermon.

As much as I appreciated Shigematsu’s sermon, one brief affirmation in the last paragraph before his conclusion challenged me. His most powerful observation got my attention and has given me lots to think about when he reminds us “the central drama of our life is who we are becoming.”

I’ve been a Christian for most of my life and have had my ups and downs when it comes to who I am becoming. Hopefully I will keep on becoming more and more the Christian God wants me to be.

Shigematsu’s sermon title is Hope in a Time of Anxiety. If you can find it I think you will be blessed by it.


3 thoughts on “WHO ARE YOU BECOMING?

  1. Thanks Bob. I long to be more like Christ daily and pray for it. I’m amazed how far I’ve come and even more amazed at how far I have to go!
    I love and miss you brother.


  2. Bob,
    Your post was appropriate for me right now. I, too, have had my ups and downs, but I know the Lord has been with me through it all. I am definitely feeling my age now. Thank you and God bless you.


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