Last week I came across a statement by Dallas Willard that was both comforting and encouraging. You may or may not know anything about Dallas Willard, but Dallas was an outstanding Christian teacher/speaker and writer. I had the privilege of hearing him in person more than once, but also took the time to read some of his books. I was never disappointed by what I read.

Like people in general, Christians are not perfect and make mistakes as everyone does. Some of our mistakes are lesser than others, and some are greater than others. The greater the mistake the more damage can be the result.

The observation made by Dallas Willard I recently read was not just encouraging and comforting, but also an expression I felt could be helpful for people who have been burdened by some long time mistakes and needed what he said. In such a positive way from his spirituality and his knowledge of the Bible, Willard affirmed “There is nothing that can’t be changed in our lives, especially in terms of grace.”

Like so many of us who call ourselves Christians, I rejoice in the truth that by His grace God can change our lives as we submit to Him. I hope all of us who have walked with Jesus as our Savior and Lord realize some things need to be changed and can be changed by God’s grace. As the old hymn affirms, God’s grace indeed is amazing.

If you are so inclined I challenge and encourage you to invite God to change things in your life that need to be changed by His grace. I know I need God to change some things in my life that would by His grace draw me closer to Him and cultivate my walk with Him. Dallas Willard’s affirmation that “There is nothing that can’t be changed in our lives” is encouraging and assuring for those of us who have committed to be children of God and followers of Jesus.

I hope these thoughts have strengthened and encouraged your faith as well as giving you some things to ponder. Feel free to leave a comment below.