You may not get to read as much as you would like, but I’m sure you do your share of reading. Because of the nature of my work as a pastor I have always needed to read and had the time to do so. Since I stepped down from my last church just over a year ago I have had the opportunity to read even more than I did before. I want to highlight five books that may interest you and that you may want to get and read.

The title of one book got my attention: The Allure of Gentleness: Defending the Faith in the Manner of Jesus (2015, HarperOne). It was put together by Dallas Willard’s daughter (following his death) from his notes and lectures. The title not only got my attention, when I read it I was convicted. Willard challenges us as Christians not to “engage in debates and arguments with an antagonizing, arrogant spirit” (p. 2), but to “be characterized by gentleness” and humility.

A second book I am still reading is an older book (1998). I wanted to read it for a few years and finally ordered a used copy. It is entitled Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith (Riverhead Books) and is written by Kathleen Norris. (Yes, a woman!) It consists of some 80 brief chapters that deal with a variety of important words and phrases in Christianity often from a personal perspective. I am taking my time and savoring her selections.

For those interested in the Bible I am quite impressed with Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart’s How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (Zondervan). First published in 1981, I have the 2014 Fourth Edition. This book is required for one of the classes I teach at Hope International University and has informative chapters on every part of the Bible. It’s an excellent companion for Bible reading.

Last month I got Jesus: A Historical Portrait by Daniel Harrington (2007, St. Anthony Messenger Press). Harrington is a Roman Catholic priest and a professor of New Testament, but this short book is not complicated or too deep for you. “This book aims to state concisely and clearly for a general audience what many specialists in biblical research have learned and written about Jesus of Nazareth in recent years” (p.1). Just over 100 pages, this is an interesting overview of what the Gospels tell us about the life of Jesus.

Finally, if you have not read it, there is my book A Pastor and the People: An inside Look through Letters. You can read about it here https://bobmmink.com/book/.

Which of these books sounds the most interesting to you and might you get and read? What have you read recently you would suggest? Let me and other readers know in the comments below. And share this post if you think others would enjoy it.

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4 thoughts on “WHAT ARE YOU READING?

  1. Bob, I am so happy you were able to write this book, I pray blessings upon it and was wondering if/when you might be having a “book signing” in the Temecula area hahaha, I believe you may have had one at Discovery if I’m not mistaken maybe the next time you are out this way give us a hollar’. Praying all goes well and is well with you and Jan and your entire family To God be the Glory in all that you do, Amen!

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  2. These are some good recommendations for reading that I will need to look into possibly getting. I have already read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone and everyone. I have been finding that since I’ve been out of school for a couple months, I find that I am able to spend more time reading books that I enjoy and that interest me. In school I had to read what was required and it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy reading that stuff, it was I had to read it but now I have more opportunities to read The things that interest me and that I can learn from and I have had other opportunities now to be able to go back and read the books from school that I did enjoy and then I know I can still learn from.


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