This week marks the first anniversary of the publication of my book A Pastor and the People: An inside Look through Letters. Divided into three parts and 14 chapters, the book includes a variety of letters I received and wrote during my 44 years of ministry.

I was a summer youth minister and youth minister in two churches in Ohio, the minister of a small church in Pennsylvania, and the pastor of a large church in Southern California.

Whether you are a church leader, church member, or do not attend church, this book “pulls back the curtain” on one of the most interesting “jobs” anyone can have.

Here are a few endorsement reviews of the book:

Whether you are a preacher, church leader or simply member of the congregation, I think you’ll enjoy Bob Mink’s book, a compilation of letters he received and sent during his 44 years of ministry. Not only will you be entertained by these letters and enriched by Bob’s commentary, I think you’ll benefit from the lessons Bob learned about leading a church, preaching the Gospel, and shepherding his flock.

Bob Russell, Retired Senior Minister, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY


You can learn a lot reading other people’s mail. Here is a pastor in love with his people, his Lord, his calling. It’s a big world God called him to: challenging, joy-filled, frequently frustrating, never boring and ultimately fulfilling. This is good reading.

LeRoy Lawson, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Christian Ministries and Director of Doctor of Ministry Program, Emmanuel Christian Seminary


Bob Mink has compiled a lifetime of professional and personal correspondence. This book will impact your heart and head. Bob identifies why we have been called to ministry as a profession and way of life.

Dr. Joseph C. Grana II, Dean of Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies, Hope International University


With his unique sense of humor and unfiltered transparency, Bob Mink puts on display for all to see that being a pastor is undeniably one of the most humbling and rewarding adventures of grace and mercy a person can travel.

Steve Walker, Pastor, Canyon Hills Community Church, Bothell, WA


Would you like to see how a seasoned pastor navigated several decades of ministry, and how those he served reacted to it? Do you enjoy reading other people’s mail? Then you’ll enjoy reading Bob Mink’s unique insight into ministry shared here in letters he received and kept throughout the years. You’ll laugh and learn as you look over Bob Mink’s shoulder.

Mark Taylor, Editor, Christian Standard


Our lives are shaped by relationships and those relationships are shared through our stories. Pastor Bob takes us on a journey as he shares through letters what it means to throw your life into the arena of pastoral ministry. If you are in relationships of any kind (and we all are) you will relate, connect and be moved. I encourage you to let this man of God’s story impact your own.

Randy Paredes, Lead Pastor, Florence Christian Church


A Pastor and the People: An inside Look through Letters is an incredible resource for not only pastors but for anyone interested in an inside look at a pastor’s life. These letters paint a picture of the joys, challenges, and blessings that come along with being a pastor. Whether you feel called to vocational ministry, have an interest in what pastors actually do and go through, or simply want to read the journey of a pastor over the past forty plus years, this book is for you.

Bryan Sands, Director of Campus Ministires, Hope International University


Both the print book as well as the Kindle edition are available at amazon.com. The print book is also available at Barnes and Noble.com.

For more about the book or to order it from amazon.com click on the picture below:

pastor n people

If you would like to read the introduction to the book send me an email at bobmmink@gmail.com and I will send you a copy.

Please share this post on social media and feel free to comment below (especially if you have read the book).

Photo credit: courtesy of our grandson’s mother–our daughter.


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