In the middle of June last year I launched my blog under the heading “Considering the Christian life, the Bible, and the Church.” In that first post I stated “My passion and dream is to write honestly about the Christian life, the Bible, and the Church.” This week marks the first anniversary of that “New Venture.”

Over the course of the past year I have published 62 blog posts. The original plan was to write one or two pieces a week, but I soon decided the quality would be better if I stuck to just one most weeks. As would be expected, some were better than others, but I stayed with the theme of considering the Christian life, the Bible, and the Church.

As we turn the page on a new year I thought you might enjoy rereading or reading for the first time the top five most read posts of last year.

Number 5 was written three months ago and titled “On Turning 65.”

Here’s the link

Number 4 was posted August 11 and is titled “Where’s the Joy?”

Here’s the link

Number 3 was written at the end of September and was titled “I’ve Been Everywhere.”

Here’s the link

Number 2 came out in January and was titled “My Baseball Coach.”

Here’s the link

The most read blog of the past year was published in April and titled “It Still Hurts.”

Here’s the link

Two of my personal favorites were posted in April and are related. The first was “Must We Be So Harsh?” ( and the second was “Humble and Kind” (

I would be interested in knowing if a particular post stood out as especially meaningful to you—one that you could call your favorite. It could be one of the top five or another one that you remember. If you have one tell the rest of us about it by leaving a reply below.

If you receive email notification of my blogs I thank you for your interest and for reading. If you are not receiving email notification I hope you will click “Follow Blog via Email” in the upper right hand corner of any post and enter your email address to receive notifications. I realize many read the blogs from my Facebook posts but you may miss one from time to time. (By the way, I will never share your email address with anyone else.) If you know a couple of associates, friends, or family members who might enjoy these posts I encourage you to share this post with them and invite them to follow the blog via email.

If you have any observations that you think would help me improve my blog posts please leave a reply below or email me (  If you have any suggestions for future topics please do the same.

My plan is to continue in the coming year to write honestly about the Christian life, the Bible, and the Church at least once a week. I hope you will be encouraged, challenged, and informed by reading my posts.

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One thought on “YEAR ONE’S TOP FIVE

  1. Hi Bob, This is Kathy Chambers, would you please keep Chuck in your prayers. He is in the hospitalthey are doing a biopsy on his stomach today. Already did a CT Scan on his liver and found out he has 3 masses on it. I will keep you posted!



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