When I went to bed earlier tonight I took a moment to thank God for the opportunity, privilege, and challenge to preach this morning at Westwood Hills Christian Church. I hope it is obvious why I call it an opportunity and privilege, but the challenge aspect was that it was a totally new message/sermon from an assigned chapter in the New Testament: I Corinthians 6.

As I lay in bed thinking about God’s blessings I began to reflect on my life going back to my childhood, years in high school, time in college, and beyond. I thought of friends with whom I had so many experiences and so much fun, of adults (parents, teachers, elders, preachers, youth ministers, and professors) who had such an impact upon me, and the wonderful people in the four churches I served over the course of 44 years God brought into my life who loved me and whom I loved.

There is also the blessing of my wife, Jan, to whom I have been married 42 years; our daughter, Audrey, and son Rob; and our two grandsons, Bobby and Ryan.

For some reason a song we sang in my youth group when I was in high school came to mind that I could not get out of my head. I got up and went to my computer to see if I could find the lyrics and had no trouble at all finding the song. Here are words of the chorus with the words as I remember how we sang it:

Singing Lord, Lord, Lord; surely been good to me,

Singing Lord, Lord, Lord; surely been good to me,

Singing Lord, Lord, Lord; surely been good to me,

That is something the world couldn’t do!

Do you ever have times like this? If you do I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a reply below or send me an email at Feel free also to share this post on social media. Now I’m going back to bed.

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6 thoughts on “SURELY BEEN GOOD TO ME!

  1. Yes, I do have those times rather frequent. When I look back in my life I can see how good God has been to me, I always had good people placed in my life, I was blessed with three great kids, two very interesting husbands( learning lessons) good friends, I never went hungry or sick. As for me, I have absolutely no room to complain and can see the good very, very clear.

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  2. Yes, I have, but not as much as I should. Instead I lay there wide awake thinking (worrying?) about tomorrow and the next day, reviewing the checklist of items in my head. I should take that calm, peaceful time to reflect back and thank God for the day just ending, and for what He has blessed me with.

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