Here is a review I wrote of a book about aging and retirement for Christian Century.

The work that begins at retirement

Many readers who are past middle age will disagree with R. Paul Stevens’s opening assertion that “we should work until we die.” That is, until they read on. Stevens’s foundational premise is that God calls us into meaningful work at every stage of our life. “We do not retire from our calling even if we have retired from a career” because “while one chooses a career, one is chosen for a calling.” In this way, Stevens reframes the concept of retirement from a Christian perspective.

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  1. Well, I must say something I’m not sure I have ever said to you before. I do agree with Me Stevens as i was in shock when you told the congregation that you were leaving the church. I know that you didn’t call it a retirement, but to some of us it was the same thing as you would not be there anymore. With such a gift that God has given you, that gift should never be silenced. Now I know that you don’t believe that it has, but to a percentage of congregation it was. Don’t ever let it be. God bless you.

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