From the time I first saw a promotion for the new TV show Living Biblically I was interested in checking it out. From the promo I could tell it would be a comedy, and I was curious whether it would belittle the Bible and religion or perhaps show some respect. My first thought was that it would use humor to demean faith and the Bible, but I held out hope that a sitcom could be both funny and somewhat positive.

I watched the first episode Monday evening and was pleasantly surprised. My expectations may have been too low, but I was not offended nor did I feel the Bible or faith was being belittled or demeaned. And I found most of the humor to be funny and was regularly smiling as I watched.

The premise of the show is that following the death of his best friend, a man named Chip determines to live his life by the rules of the Bible. He goes to a catholic priest for help in carrying out his commitment. Later the priest introduces him to a rabbi and they become his God Squad. His wife is an atheist, and is pregnant, but is not against his plan.

After I watched the show I went online and read three reviews, none of which was as positive about the show as I am. One reviewer wrote the show “wastes a promising premise.” Another suggests it “Plays it Safe.” With clear reserve, Christianity Today correctly notes “the series finds comedy neither by attacking people’s faith nor presenting a holier-than-thou look at the character’s Christianity” (at least in the first episode).

I’m not recommending you watch the show, but I am interested in how it plays out in the weeks ahead and plan to watch it. Based upon what I saw last night, I think it may create interest and discussion concerning the Bible and religion. And I think that is a good thing.

I also think Christians need to keep in mind the show is intended to entertain, is a CBS sitcom, and does not have the goal of spreading Christianity or promoting the Bible. Right now I’m looking forward to next week’s episode, but realize I may be disappointed in the future.

Did you watch it? Do you think you will watch it in the future?

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8 thoughts on “LIVING BIBLICALLY

  1. Watched it. enjoyed it. smiled and even laughed out loud a couple of times. Thought your words were spot on. I had many of the same thoughts. Anticipating the flood of new sermon series using the title.

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  2. I watched it and found it entertaining and not offensive to my faith. I found myself chuckling, and it had a great message! I’m hoping that future episodes are as enlightening/entertaining. I love that it brings up the subject matter of faith among our secular world.

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  3. I also watched it. When it was over I felt like I watched an old “Leave it to Beaver” or some of it’s similar shows. It’s a funny show but the end has a good lesson in life.
    In this episode, Chip picks up one of the five smooth stones and hits his co-worker in the head. The amazing part of that example is that Pastor Dallas sermon on Sunday was how David defeated Goliath. I will watch it again.

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  4. My wife and I watched it too. We weren’t sure what to expect, but like you, we knew from the promos it was intended to be a comedy. And we laughed pretty hard in parts—particularly ‘the stoning’. The show is fresh and well-written. The actors seem to fit their roles. You’re right that we have to take it for what it is—it’s not intended to share the Gospel. But hey, who knows what God can do with it. I’m happy that at least it brings about discussion and tries to show what living by faith is like. I wasn’t offended by it, although I’m sure that the possibility exists that I will be in the future and I’ll just have to pray through that when the time comes. After all, it’s not like we live in a world free of things that offend and I’m sure I’ve offended a few folks in the past. For now, we plan on watching the next episode and having a laugh.

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  5. I did not know about the show now I will have to watch it! Nice to know they will still produce shows like this….some shows nowadays are not something I like to watch. Even some of the kids shows are awful. Thanks Bob!!

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