The question asked in the title of this post is not specific and could refer to any number of things. It could concern knowledge of a person, a subject, something that happened, a plan, or pretty much anything.

In the last chapter of a book I recently finished the author noted something about himself that got my attention. In words that expressed both wisdom and humility, he told his readers “I learned long ago how much I do not know.” How interesting!

The wording of his acknowledgement is somewhat of an oxymoron because he learned how much he did not know. Usually when we use the word learn it points to something we did not know we now do. It sounds strange, but the point is that we can and should learn what we do not know.

Learning and knowing how much we don’t know seems to me to be an important thing to learn, but is harder for some than others. The learning process seems to take place as the years pass. Experience is a great teacher, and sometimes it teaches us what we don’t know that we thought we did.

I still remember a comment a class member made to me over 35 years ago in a Sunday School class I was teaching. Someone asked a question for which I did not have an answer, but I gave one anyway. He wasn’t being critical or mean, but was actually being funny when he responded, “That’s it – If you can’t show ‘em snow ‘em.”

Over the last 33 years I have taught a number of classes in churches, colleges, and a high school. I have fielded numerous questions about many things in the Bible and Christianity. And I have answered many of them. However, the answer I think I have given the most is “I don’t know.”

Although I do sometimes apologize for not knowing, I don’t think we have to be embarrassed to admit that we do not know something.

I’m confident most readers of this post have learned how much they don’t know. Realizing we know to a degree how much we don’t know is comforting, but that is no reason to quit learning things we would like to know.

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2 thoughts on “HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW?

  1. Realizing how much I do not know, how much I have forgotten and remembering things I have known before is a “whale” of a challenge.


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