As we come to Easter Sunday there are two pieces I want to share that I hope will enhance your celebration of Jesus’ resurrection this year.

The first is the words of a worship song. One of the songs at the church we attended last weekend had such an impact on me I thought others would appreciate as well. I invite you to meditate on and savor these lyrics that emphasize the result of Jesus’ resurrection.

The head that once was crowned with thorns

Is crowned with glory now

The Savior knelt to wash our feet

Now at His feet we bow


The One who wore our sin and shame

Now robed in majesty

The radiance of perfect love

Now shines for all to see


Your name, Your name is victory

All praise will rise to Christ our King

Your name, Your name is victory

All praise will rise to Christ our King


The fear that held us now gives way

To Him who is our peace

His final breath upon the cross

Is now alive in me


The tomb where Life itself was laid

Was borrowed for three days

His body there would not remain

Our God has robbed the grave


Copied from Elevation Church website (http://elevationchurch.org/worship/)


The second piece is on a totally different level. It is a quote from an academic book I was reading this week that is worth reading even if we don’t totally agree with the author:

“It is notoriously difficult to deal with the resurrection in a historical presentation. Many historians do not think that consideration of the resurrection belongs to the study of the historical Jesus. After all, a person’s life begins with his birth and ends with his death. In addition, even if the resurrection happened, it lies beyond history and certainly beyond historical research. But what the historian can say with assurance is that the earliest Christians experienced something that they interpreted as seeing the risen Jesus. Not only does all the evidence point in this direction; it is difficult to imagine that the Jesus movement would have survived the horrendous and humiliating execution of its leader and the flight of the disciples unless the disciples had some experience that turned things around for them.”

(emphasis added) From Early Judaism: The Exile to the Time of Jesus by Frederick J. Murphy.

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