Most us would agree that Christmas 2020 is out of the ordinary from what is usual. And the primary contributor to this year’s unusual celebration, of course, is the Covid-19 pandemic in which we find ourselves.

The photo above makes the point. It’s a Christmas angel that was on a gift I received in our staff white elephant gift exchange. Note the angel is made from two masks like the ones most of us have worn the last several months. The person who made it wrote the year 2020 on it as a reminder of what we have experienced this year.

Obviously we have not completely done away with Christmas, but we have cut back and will miss a lot. This week I went to do some shopping and could hardly believe how few shoppers there were.

Many will follow suggested guidelines and not travel to be with family, or even have family gatherings with those who live nearby. The reason, of course, is to avoid as much as possible being in situations in which the virus can be passed on to others.

In following suggestions from government officials a lot of churches will not have their traditional Christmas Eve services so as to avoid crowds. To cancel a tradition that so many look forward to each year is an indication of how serious the pandemic is.

As I have reflected on how out of the ordinary Christmas will be this year I have been reminded how out of the ordinary the first Christmas was. Although it was the fulfillment of prophecy and God’s promise, it was the only time what happened ever happened. It was certainly out of the ordinary – far more than our Christmas celebration will be this year.

Even if the ordinary happenings of Christmas like shopping, decorations, cookies, family gatherings, giving gifts, singing carols, feasting, and more may not take place this year, we can still celebrate.

For me four words express the heart of Christmas: hope, love, joy, and peace. The birth of Jesus that we celebrate reminds us of these four beautiful and needed words, ideas, and feelings. Even in this unsettling time, celebrating the birth of Jesus can renew the promise of peace, joy, love, and hope that he brought and still brings to us.

Perhaps our out of the ordinary Christmas this year will result in a more focused recognition of what it is we are celebrating. Merry Christmas!

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