In publishing my second book last week, Questioning Jesus: Considering His Responses, I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about getting the word out about it. Since it is not being put out by a major publisher, how do I let those who may want to read it know it’s available? From the time I published my first book (A Pastor and the People: An inside Look through Letters) in May of last year I have been cautious about talking too much about the book. And I want to be equally cautious about this one.

Book marketing guru and author Tim Grahl reports he often hears from authors: “I hate doing self-promotion.” That’s my concern with getting the word out about my book. In letting those who may want to read the book know it is available, I do not want to be perceived as promoting myself and I know that constant pitches to buy my book can come across as self-promotion. I know that because my email inbox is regularly flooded with all kinds of “offers” to buy books, training, and videos that will change my life in many areas.

Tim Grahl suggests self-promotion disappears when an author focuses on the “why” of his or her writing. He notes “your favorite authors write books to add something to your life. They have a ‘why’ that they are deeply connected to.” Grahl concludes that once you know and are deeply connected to your “why” it’s no longer about you and your self-promotion.

The reality is that I want to sell copies of this book; I want people to get it and read it. But I have no illusion about it becoming a bestseller or me becoming a famous author. My why is getting people to read, think, and talk about the Christian life, the Bible, and the church. For the past 45 years my heart has been set on teaching the Bible. But more than that, my central goal has been teaching people about Jesus. The purpose of Questioning Jesus: Considering His Responses is to help “readers become familiar with the details when Jesus was questioned and gain a greater appreciation for Him in light of the way He responded to both the questions and His questioners.”

I believe this book will be good for both individual reading and Bible study as well as small group reading and Bible study. Questions for reflection and discussion are included at the end of each of the 13 chapters. To learn more about the book, to read some endorsement reviews, and to order it go to

I invite you to help me get the word out about this book to those who may be interested. Also, if you get it and read it please consider writing a review on

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